26 Feb 2014

Implementing an Android radio button dialog in QPython 3

QPython 3 is a neat app that allows you to run Python 3 scripts on an Android device. All my scripts that I originally created on Linux worked without problems. They were all console scripts though, and I decided to Androidify them a bit. Instead of asking multiple choice questions and making the user type in the answers in the console, the scripts should show nice radio button dialogs:

This was not as easy to accomplish as I had hoped. There's not a lot of documentation yet, it's scattered over various websites, and much of it targets Python 2.7. But eventually I got it to work, like this:

import androidhelper

def radioButtonDialog(droid, question, options):
    response = droid.dialogGetResponse().result
    if "which" in response:
        result = response["which"]
    if result == "negative":
        raise Exception("Aborted")
    selectedItems = droid.dialogGetSelectedItems().result
    return selectedItems.pop()

droid = androidhelper.Android()
options = ["I agree", "I'm not sure", "I don't agree"]
    result = radioButtonDialog(droid, "The penguin is awesome.", options)
    message = "You chose: " + options[result]
except Exception:
    message = "Oh, you don't want to tell me. That's ok."

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